Player To Watch In The 2022/2023 NBC Tanzania Premier League

Player To Watch In The 2022/2023 NBC Tanzania Premier League: The Tanzanian Premier League has always been one of the most exciting leagues in East Africa, and its popularity is growing year by year.

The talent of players that participate in this league is incredible, and it is only a matter of time before some of these players make it big on the Caf champions league stage. This season the league has seen some big names brought in by some of the top clubs in the league, and this has only made the league more exciting.

Here are some of our favorite players to watch in the 2022/2023 NBC Tanzania Premier League season. Each of these players has already shown their ability at previous matches, and some have already made a big impact at competitions outside of Tanzania.

Player To Watch In The 2022/2023 NBC Tanzania Premier League

Player To Watch In The 2022/2023 NBC Tanzania Premier League

Fiston Kalala Mayele

Fiston Kalala Mayele is one of the players who has come to add great joy to the world of football in Tanzania. Mayele is a player from DRC Congo who plays for the Young Africans club in the Centre-Forward position .

He is one of the most talented players in Tanzania and has been a great asset to the Young African club. Mayele has shown his ability by scoring many goals and end up be the second t goal scorer in the last NBC Premier league season and he surely aiming to become the league top goal scorer of this season as he has already so far netted three goals from  9 league matches.

Clatous Chama

Clatous Chama

Clatous Chama is a professional footballer from Zambia who plays as an attacking midfielder for Simba S.C. and the Zambia national team. His goal-scoring, playmaking, leadership, penalty-taking, and work rate have earned him great respect among many fans of the Simba sports club and Tanzania Premier League.

Chama has good dribbling skills, ball control, and passing accuracy with both feet which makes him a threat when on the ball. His vision and creativity make him a good assist provider for his teammates.

Henoc Inonga Baka

Henoc Inonga Baka

Henoc Inonga Baka is another great player to watch in the 2022/2023 NBC Tanzania premier league. Baka is among the very few center defenders in Tanzania’s premier league with high game confidence and ball-controlling ability. He is a tall, strong, and agile center defender who can defend both on the ground and in the air.

He has great passing skills and a good pace, which makes him a very great asset in the Simba sc defending line. Henoc Inonga Baka is well-known among football fans for his aerial skills, tackle timing, strength on the ball, and ability to read the game well.

Feisal Salum Toto

Feisal Salum Toto | Player To Watch In The 2022/2023 NBC Tanzania Premier League
Player To Watch In The 2022/2023 NBC Tanzania Premier League

Feisal Salum Abdalla, known as Fei Toto or Zanzibar finest is one among very few talented professional footballers from Zanzibar. Fei Toto plays as a midfielder in the Young Africans squad and he has proven to be the most consistent performer for the club.

Fei Toto has been a vital player for the Yanga Sports club in recent times, especially this season. He is one of the players in the squad who has always delivered when it mattered most.

Toto is known for his ability to score in the long-range and he is also one of the best passers on the team. He has been a very important player for Yanga Sports Club over the last two seasons and it is no surprise that he has been named captain of his club on several occasions.

Stephane Aziz Ki

Stephane Aziz Ki is among the new players registered on the 2022/2023 transfer window. He is a midfielder who currently plays for the club Young Africans S.C.

Aziz Ki has managed to win the young African fan’s hearts with his outstanding performances and he has been one of the key players for the club. He is a very energetic player who has an eye for goals. He can be described as an all-rounder player who is not afraid to take risks when necessary.

Mohamed Husseini

Mohamed Husseini

mohamed hussein is a Left-Back professional footballer from Tanzania who plays for Simba sports club. Mohamed Hussein is one of the best Tanzanian talents with a lot of potentials. Mohamed Hussein is a very good left-back with lots of speed, ball control, and stamina. He has also shown that he can be very solid in defending as well as attacking.

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