PSL South Africa 2023/2024 Teams, Schedule and Fixtures

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PSL South Africa 2023/2024 Teams, Schedule and Fixtures: The South Africa PSL Premier League schedule is designed in a way that ensures equality and competition. The season schedule is carefully planned to give each team an equal number of home and away games against other teams in the league.

PSL South Africa 2023/2024 Teams, Schedule and Fixtures

The Premier League follows a format in which each team plays a total of 30 games throughout the season. These matches are played over several months, typically beginning in 4 August 2023 and ending in May 2024. The schedule is arranged on weekdays and weekends to accommodate various factors such as television broadcast agreements, European competition schedules, matches at home and availability of plots.

Fixture Release Day Excitement

12. Round
10/11/202317:30Cape Town City FCvsRoyal AM
11/11/202313:30Kaizer ChiefsvsOrlando Pirates
13:30Polokwane City FCvsMoroka Swallows
18:00Chippa UnitedvsStellenbosch FC
12/11/202313:30Golden ArrowsvsAmaZulu FC
13:30Richards Bay FCvsCape Town Spurs
15:45Mamelodi SundownsvsTS Galaxy
15:45Sekhukhune UnitedvsSuperSport United
13. Round
25/11/202313:30AmaZulu FCvsStellenbosch FC
13:30Richards Bay FCvsOrlando Pirates
15:45Cape Town SpursvsRoyal AM
18:00Sekhukhune UnitedvsChippa United
18:00SuperSport UnitedvsMamelodi Sundowns
26/11/202313:30Moroka SwallowsvsKaizer Chiefs
13:30TS GalaxyvsPolokwane City FC
15:45Golden ArrowsvsCape Town City FC
14. Round
8/12/202317:30Stellenbosch FCvsCape Town City FC
9/12/202313:30Polokwane City FCvsKaizer Chiefs
13:30Moroka SwallowsvsSuperSport United
15:45AmaZulu FCvsSekhukhune United
15:45Chippa UnitedvsGolden Arrows
15:45Mamelodi SundownsvsCape Town Spurs
18:00Orlando PiratesvsTS Galaxy
10/12/202313:30Royal AMvsRichards Bay FC
15. Round
22/12/202315:00Sekhukhune UnitedvsStellenbosch FC
17:30Cape Town SpursvsAmaZulu FC
23/12/202313:30Chippa UnitedvsPolokwane City FC
13:30Golden ArrowsvsTS Galaxy
13:30Kaizer ChiefsvsRichards Bay FC
13:30Royal AMvsMoroka Swallows
15:45SuperSport UnitedvsOrlando Pirates
18:00Cape Town City FCvsMamelodi Sundowns
16. Round
29/12/202313:30Moroka SwallowsvsGolden Arrows
15:45AmaZulu FCvsRoyal AM
18:00Orlando PiratesvsStellenbosch FC
30/12/202313:30Cape Town SpursvsCape Town City FC
13:30Richards Bay FCvsSuperSport United
13:30TS GalaxyvsChippa United
15:45Mamelodi SundownsvsPolokwane City FC
18:00Sekhukhune UnitedvsKaizer Chiefs
17. Round
13/02/202417:30Cape Town City FCvsMoroka Swallows
17:30Kaizer ChiefsvsTS Galaxy
17:30Stellenbosch FCvsAmaZulu FC
17:30SuperSport UnitedvsSekhukhune United
14/02/202417:30Golden ArrowsvsMamelodi Sundowns
17:30Orlando PiratesvsChippa United
17:30Polokwane City FCvsRichards Bay FC
17:30Royal AMvsCape Town Spurs
18. Round
16/02/202417:00SuperSport UnitedvsStellenbosch FC
17/02/202413:30Chippa UnitedvsCape Town City FC
13:30Moroka SwallowsvsPolokwane City FC
15:30AmaZulu FCvsCape Town Spurs
15:30Sekhukhune UnitedvsRichards Bay FC
18:00Mamelodi SundownsvsOrlando Pirates
18/02/202413:30Royal AMvsKaizer Chiefs
15:30TS GalaxyvsGolden Arrows
19. Round
1/3/202417:00Stellenbosch FCvsChippa United
2/3/202413:30Golden ArrowsvsSekhukhune United
13:30Polokwane City FCvsOrlando Pirates
15:30Cape Town City FCvsSuperSport United
15:30Kaizer ChiefsvsMoroka Swallows
18:00Mamelodi SundownsvsAmaZulu FC
3/3/202413:30Cape Town SpursvsTS Galaxy
15:30Richards Bay FCvsRoyal AM
20. Round
5/3/202417:30AmaZulu FCvsMoroka Swallows
17:30Cape Town City FCvsStellenbosch FC
17:30Kaizer ChiefsvsGolden Arrows
6/3/202417:30Chippa UnitedvsRichards Bay FC
17:30Orlando PiratesvsCape Town Spurs
17:30Sekhukhune UnitedvsRoyal AM
17:30SuperSport UnitedvsPolokwane City FC
17:30TS GalaxyvsMamelodi Sundowns
21. Round
9/3/202413:30Orlando PiratesvsKaizer Chiefs
15:30Mamelodi SundownsvsChippa United
15:30Stellenbosch FCvsCape Town Spurs
15:30SuperSport UnitedvsAmaZulu FC
15:30Moroka SwallowsvsSekhukhune United
18:00Richards Bay FCvsTS Galaxy
10/3/202413:30Polokwane City FCvsGolden Arrows
15:30Royal AMvsCape Town City FC
22. Round
30/03/202413:30Cape Town City FCvsKaizer Chiefs
13:30Polokwane City FCvsChippa United
13:30Stellenbosch FCvsRoyal AM
15:30AmaZulu FCvsTS Galaxy
15:30Sekhukhune UnitedvsOrlando Pirates
18:00Mamelodi SundownsvsSuperSport United
31/03/202413:30Cape Town SpursvsMoroka Swallows
16:30Golden ArrowsvsRichards Bay FC
23. Round
2/4/202418:30AmaZulu FCvsPolokwane City FC
18:30Kaizer ChiefsvsStellenbosch FC
18:30Sekhukhune UnitedvsCape Town City FC
3/4/202418:30Chippa UnitedvsCape Town Spurs
18:30Golden ArrowsvsSuperSport United
18:30Mamelodi SundownsvsRichards Bay FC
18:30Moroka SwallowsvsOrlando Pirates
18:30TS GalaxyvsRoyal AM
24. Round
5/4/202418:00Stellenbosch FCvsSekhukhune United
6/4/202414:00Chippa UnitedvsKaizer Chiefs
14:00Richards Bay FCvsMoroka Swallows
16:00Orlando PiratesvsGolden Arrows
16:00SuperSport UnitedvsTS Galaxy
19:00Cape Town SpursvsMamelodi Sundowns
7/4/202414:00Royal AMvsPolokwane City FC
16:00Cape Town City FCvsAmaZulu FC
25. Round
20/04/202414:00Golden ArrowsvsRoyal AM
14:00Richards Bay FCvsKaizer Chiefs
14:00Moroka SwallowsvsMamelodi Sundowns
16:00Orlando PiratesvsAmaZulu FC
16:00Sekhukhune UnitedvsCape Town Spurs
19:00SuperSport UnitedvsChippa United
21/04/202414:00Polokwane City FCvsCape Town City FC
16:00TS GalaxyvsStellenbosch FC
26. Round
27/04/202414:00Mamelodi SundownsvsSekhukhune United
14:00Stellenbosch FCvsPolokwane City FC
16:00AmaZulu FCvsChippa United
16:00Kaizer ChiefsvsSuperSport United
19:00Cape Town SpursvsRichards Bay FC
28/04/202414:00Royal AMvsOrlando Pirates
14:00TS GalaxyvsMoroka Swallows
16:00Cape Town City FCvsGolden Arrows
27. Round
30/04/202418:30Cape Town SpursvsPolokwane City FC
18:30Kaizer ChiefsvsMamelodi Sundowns
18:30Richards Bay FCvsAmaZulu FC
1/5/202418:30Cape Town City FCvsOrlando Pirates
18:30Chippa UnitedvsMoroka Swallows
18:30Royal AMvsSuperSport United
18:30Sekhukhune UnitedvsTS Galaxy
18:30Stellenbosch FCvsGolden Arrows
28. Round
10/5/202418:00SuperSport UnitedvsCape Town Spurs
11/5/202414:00Polokwane City FCvsSekhukhune United
14:00Moroka SwallowsvsStellenbosch FC
16:00AmaZulu FCvsKaizer Chiefs
16:00Mamelodi SundownsvsRoyal AM
19:00Orlando PiratesvsRichards Bay FC
12/5/202414:00TS GalaxyvsCape Town City FC
16:00Golden ArrowsvsChippa United
29. Round
18/05/202414:00Cape Town City FCvsRichards Bay FC
14:00Golden ArrowsvsCape Town Spurs
14:00Kaizer ChiefsvsPolokwane City FC
14:00Royal AMvsChippa United
14:00Sekhukhune UnitedvsAmaZulu FC
14:00Stellenbosch FCvsMamelodi Sundowns
14:00SuperSport UnitedvsMoroka Swallows
14:00TS GalaxyvsOrlando Pirates
30. Round
25/05/202414:00AmaZulu FCvsGolden Arrows
14:00Cape Town SpursvsKaizer Chiefs
14:00Chippa UnitedvsSekhukhune United
14:00Mamelodi SundownsvsCape Town City FC
14:00Orlando PiratesvsSuperSport United
14:00Polokwane City FCvsTS Galaxy
14:00Richards Bay FCvsStellenbosch FC
14:00Moroka SwallowsvsRoyal AM
  • 20 & 24 February 2024: Nedbank Cup R32
  • 12 & 16 March 2024: Nedbank Cup R16
  • 13 April 2014: Nedbank Cup QF
  • 4 May 2024: Nedbank Cup SF
  • 1 June 2024: Nedbank Cup Final
  • 25 May 2024: PSL season finale

PSL South Africa Log 2023/2024 standing

Fans eagerly await the release of the schedule to plan their schedules, mark important dates on their calendars, and make travel arrangements. Social media platforms are abuzz with discussions and speculation about key matches and possible rivalries.

Clubs are also joining in on the excitement, often sharing matches on their official websites and social media channels, generating more engagement with their fans.

PSL South Africa 2023/2024 Teams, Schedule and Fixtures

Note: To obtain the most up-to-date and accurate information about the schedule and fixtures for the current season, I recommend checking reliable sports news sources, official South African football websites, or contacting the relevant football authorities or clubs directly. They will be able to provide you with the latest and most accurate information regarding fixtures and any conflicting schedules.

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