Ratiba Ligi Kuu NBC 2023/2024 Tanzania Premier League Fixture

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Ratiba Ligi Kuu NBC 2023/2024 Tanzania Premier League Fixture, Schedule, Date and Time. The highly anticipated new season of the NBC Tanzania Premier League has officially kicked off, marking a new chapter in the country’s football journey.

Under the guidance of the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), the league board has carefully published the preliminary match schedule for the upcoming 2023-24 season. Soccer lovers can look forward to an exciting series of matches and exciting events as the season progresses.

The 2023-24 Premier League season is expected to start in 15 August this year, marking the start of a festival of football that will attract fans from across Tanzania. The league’s board of directors, in collaboration with TFF, has carefully planned a schedule that ensures a fair and competitive environment for all participating teams.

Ratiba Ligi Kuu NBC 2023/2024 Tanzania Premier League Fixture

Dates & TimeHomeAway
Saturday 02/12/2023
Sunday 03/12/2023
17:00NamungovsDodoma Jiji
Monday 04/12/2023
16:00IhefuvsTanzania Prisons
Tuesday 05/12/2023
16:00MashujaavsTabora United
Thursday 07/12/2023
19:00NamungovsMtibwa Sugar
Friday 08/12/2023
16:00MashujaavsTanzania Prisons
16:00IhefuvsTabora United
Saturday 09/12/2023
16:00MashujaavsTanzania Prisons
19:00Coastal UnionvsKagera Sugar
Monday 11/12/2023
16:00Singida Foutain GatevsKMC
19;00AzamvsJKT Tanzania
Friday 15/12/2023
16:00SimbavsKagera Sugar
Saturday 16/12/2023
18:00Young AfricansvsMtibwa Sugar
Monday 18/12/2023
16:00JkT TanzaniavsCoastal Union
16:00Mtibwa SugarvsMashujaa
19:00Dodoma JijivsIhefu
Thursday 21/12/2023
16:00Geita GoldvsSingida Foutain Gate
19:00Kagera SugarvsAzam
14:00Tanzania PrisonsvsNamungo
Friday 22/12/2023
16:00Tabora UnitedvsYoung Africans
Saturday 23/12/2023
Friday 29/12/2023
16:00Tabora UnitedvsSimba
19:00Young AfricansvsMashujaa
Monday 01/01/2024
Tuesday 02/01/2024
19:00Young AfricansvsDodoma Jiji
Thursday 04/01/2024
16:00Geita GoldvsSimba
Friday 16/02/2024
14:00Tanzania PrisonsvsAzam
16:00KitayoscevsSingida Foutain Gate
19:00Coastal UnionvsMtibwa Sugar
Saturday 17/02/2024
16:00Geita GoldvsMashujaa
19:00Dodoma JijivsSimba
Sunday 18/02/2024
16:00JKT TanzaniavsYoung Africans
19:00Kagera SugarvsIhefu
Friday 23/02/2024
14:00Mtibwa SugarvsDodoma Jiji
16:00Tanzania PrisonsvsKitayosce
Saturday 24/02/2024
14:00Geita GoldvsKagera Sugar
16:00JKT TanzaniavsKMC
Sunday 25/02/2024
2:00Coastal UnionvsSimba
2:00Singida Foutain GatevsAzam
2:00NamungovsYoung Africans
Tuesday 27/02/2024
16:00KMCvsGeita Gold
19:00SimbavsTanzania Prisons
Wednesday 28/02/2024
14:00KitayoscevsCoastal Union
16:00Singida Foutain GatevsMtibwa Sugar
19:00Young AfricansvsIhefu
Thursday 29/02/2024
18:00Kagera SugarvsJKT Tanzania
21:00AzamvsDodoma Jiji
Sunday 03/03/2024
16:00Mtibwa SugarvsTanzania Prisons
19:00Dodoma JijivsKitayosce
Monday 04/03/2024
2:00Young AfricansvsGeita Gold
2:00AzamvsCoastal Union
2:00SimbavsSingida Foutain Gate
16:00MashujaavsJKT Tanzania
21:00NamungovsKagera Sugar
Friday 29/03/2024
19:00Dodoma JijivsGeita Gold
Saturday 30/03/2024
19:00Coastal UnionvsIhefu
Sunday 31/03/2024
2:00Singida Foutain GatevsNamungo
2:00AzamvsYoung Africans
15:00JKT TanzaniavsTanzania Prisons
18:00Kagera SugarvsMtibwa Sugar
Friday 05/04/2024
15:00KitayoscevsJKT Tanzania
Saturday 06/04/2024
15:00Geita GoldvsMtibwa Sugar
Sunday 07/04/2024
15:00MashujaavsCoastal Union
18:00Kagera SugarvsDodoma Jiji
Monday 08/04/2024
1:00Singida Foutain GatevsYoung Africans
15:00Tanzania PrisonsvsKMC
Friday 12/04/2024
13:00KitayoscevsKagera Sugar
15:00Mtibwa SugarvsKMC
Saturday 13/04/2024
16:00Young AfricansvsSimba
Sunday 14/04/2024
15:00Geita GoldvsTanzania Prisons
17:00NamungovsCoastal Union
20:00Dodoma JijivsJKT Tanzania
Monday 15/04/2024
15:00IhefuvsSingida Foutain Gate
Friday 19/04/2024
15:00Tanzania PrisonsvsKagera Sugar
Saturday 20/04/2024
15:00KitayoscevsGeita Gold
17:00Dodoma JijivsKMC
Sunday 21/04/2024
1:00Singida Foutain GatevsMashujaa
1:00Young AfricansvsCoastal Union
15:00JKT TanzaniavsMtibwa Sugar
Friday 26/04/2024
15:00KMCvsKagera Sugar
Saturday 27/04/2024
Sunday 28/04/2024
1:00Singida Foutain GatevsDodoma Jiji
1:00MashujaavsYoung Africans
1:00Mtibwa SugarvsAzam
15:00JKT TanzaniavsGeita Gold
18:00Coastal UnionvsTanzania Prisons
Tuesday 30/04/2024
18:00Young AfricansvsKagera Sugar
Wednesday 01/05/2024
13:00Mtibwa SugarvsKitayosce
15:00IhefuvsJKT Tanzania
20:00Dodoma JijivsTanzania Prisons
Thursday 02/05/2024
17:00Coastal UnionvsSingida Foutain Gate
20:00NamungovsGeita Gold
Friday 10/05/2024
15:00Geita GoldvsCoastal Union
Saturday 11/05/2024
15:00Mtibwa SugarvsYoung Africans
18:00Dodoma JijivsNamungo
Sunday 12/05/2024
1:00JKT TanzaniavsSingida Foutain Gate
15:00Tanzania PrisonsvsIhefu
17:00Kagera SugarvsSimba
Friday 17/05/2024
18:00Kagera SugarvsCoastal Union
Saturday 18/05/2024
15:00Tanzania PrisonsvsMashujaa
Sunday 19/05/2024
15:00Mtibwa SugarvsNamungo
Monday 20/05/2024
1:00Dodoma JijivsYoung Africans
1:00JKT TanzaniavsAzam
1:00SimbavsGeita Gold
1:00KMCvsSingida Foutain Gate
Monday 20/05/2024
1:00Coastal UnionvsJKT Tanzania
1:00IhefuvsDodoma Jiji
1:00MashujaavsMtibwa Sugar
1:00NamungovsTanzania Prisons
1:00Young AfricansvsKitayosce
1:00Singida Foutain GatevsGeita Gold
1:00AzamvsKagera Sugar
Wednesday 29/05/2024
1:00SimbavsJKT Tanzania
1:00Coastal UnionvsKMC
1:00MashujaavsDodoma Jiji
1:00IhefuvsMtibwa Sugar
1:00Young AfricansvsTanzania Prisons
1:00Geita GoldvsAzam
1:00Singida Foutain GatevsKagera Sugar

Football fans eagerly await this event, which serves as the highlight of league matches, allowing them to enjoy a different form of sports entertainment.

Ratiba Ligi Kuu NBC 2023/2024


After previous rounds of the Premier League and the exciting Kariakoo Race, fans can look forward to the return of the league in March 2024. The league board has strategically planned a break this season, giving teams a chance to regroup , strategize and move on. ignite the enthusiasm of their fans.

As the start of the 2023-24 Premier League season approaches, expectations are rising and football lovers in Tanzania are anxiously counting down the days. The passion and spirit of the fans in Tanzania is evidence of the enduring power of football, transcending time and distance, uniting communities in their shared love of the beautiful game.

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