Ratiba UEFA Champions League 2023/2024 Fixtures

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Ratiba UEFA Champions League 2023/2024 Fixtures, UEFA Champions League Fixtures, Results, Group Table & Live Scorers: The UEFA Champions League (as UCL or sometimes UEFA CL) is an annual football competition organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and contested by the best clubs in Europe, deciding the winners of competition through the system of all against all group stage to qualify for a two-match knockout format, with a one-match final.

Ratiba UEFA Champions League 2023/2024 Fixtures

Ratiba UEFA Champions League 2023/2024 Fixtures

Group A
TBDTBDBayern München-FC København
TBDTBDFC København-Bayern München
TBDTBDBayern München-Galatasaray
TBDTBDGalatasaray-Bayern München
TBDTBDBayern München-Manchester United
TBDTBDManchester United-Bayern München
TBDTBDFC København-Galatasaray
TBDTBDGalatasaray-FC København
TBDTBDFC København-Manchester United
TBDTBDManchester United-FC København
TBDTBDGalatasaray-Manchester United
TBDTBDManchester United-Galatasaray
Group B
TBDTBDArsenal FC-PSV Eindhoven
TBDTBDPSV Eindhoven-Arsenal FC
TBDTBDArsenal FC-RC Lens
TBDTBDRC Lens-Arsenal FC
TBDTBDArsenal FC-Sevilla FC
TBDTBDSevilla FC-Arsenal FC
TBDTBDPSV Eindhoven-RC Lens
TBDTBDRC Lens-PSV Eindhoven
TBDTBDPSV Eindhoven-Sevilla FC
TBDTBDSevilla FC-PSV Eindhoven
TBDTBDRC Lens-Sevilla FC
TBDTBDSevilla FC-RC Lens
Group C
TBDTBD1. FC Union Berlin-Real Madrid
TBDTBDReal Madrid-1. FC Union Berlin
TBDTBD1. FC Union Berlin-Sporting Braga
TBDTBDSporting Braga-1. FC Union Berlin
TBDTBD1. FC Union Berlin-SSC Napoli
TBDTBDSSC Napoli-1. FC Union Berlin
TBDTBDReal Madrid-Sporting Braga
TBDTBDSporting Braga-Real Madrid
TBDTBDReal Madrid-SSC Napoli
TBDTBDSSC Napoli-Real Madrid
TBDTBDSporting Braga-SSC Napoli
TBDTBDSSC Napoli-Sporting Braga
Group D
TBDTBDInter-RB Salzburg
TBDTBDRB Salzburg-Inter
TBDTBDInter-Real Sociedad
TBDTBDReal Sociedad-Inter
TBDTBDInter-SL Benfica
TBDTBDSL Benfica-Inter
TBDTBDRB Salzburg-Real Sociedad
TBDTBDReal Sociedad-RB Salzburg
TBDTBDRB Salzburg-SL Benfica
TBDTBDSL Benfica-RB Salzburg
TBDTBDReal Sociedad-SL Benfica
TBDTBDSL Benfica-Real Sociedad
Group E
TBDTBDAtlético Madrid-Celtic FC
TBDTBDCeltic FC-Atlético Madrid
TBDTBDAtlético Madrid-Feyenoord
TBDTBDFeyenoord-Atlético Madrid
TBDTBDAtlético Madrid-Lazio Roma
TBDTBDLazio Roma-Atlético Madrid
TBDTBDCeltic FC-Feyenoord
TBDTBDFeyenoord-Celtic FC
TBDTBDCeltic FC-Lazio Roma
TBDTBDLazio Roma-Celtic FC
TBDTBDFeyenoord-Lazio Roma
TBDTBDLazio Roma-Feyenoord
Group F
TBDTBDAC Milan-Borussia Dortmund
TBDTBDBorussia Dortmund-AC Milan
TBDTBDAC Milan-Newcastle United
TBDTBDNewcastle United-AC Milan
TBDTBDAC Milan-Paris Saint-Germain
TBDTBDParis Saint-Germain-AC Milan
TBDTBDBorussia Dortmund-Newcastle United
TBDTBDNewcastle United-Borussia Dortmund
TBDTBDBorussia Dortmund-Paris Saint-Germain
TBDTBDParis Saint-Germain-Borussia Dortmund
TBDTBDNewcastle United-Paris Saint-Germain
TBDTBDParis Saint-Germain-Newcastle United
Group G
TBDTBDBSC Young Boys-Crvena Zvezda
TBDTBDCrvena Zvezda-BSC Young Boys
TBDTBDBSC Young Boys-Manchester City
TBDTBDManchester City-BSC Young Boys
TBDTBDBSC Young Boys-RB Leipzig
TBDTBDRB Leipzig-BSC Young Boys
TBDTBDCrvena Zvezda-Manchester City
TBDTBDManchester City-Crvena Zvezda
TBDTBDCrvena Zvezda-RB Leipzig
TBDTBDRB Leipzig-Crvena Zvezda
TBDTBDManchester City-RB Leipzig
TBDTBDRB Leipzig-Manchester City
Group H
TBDTBDFC Barcelona-FC Porto
TBDTBDFC Porto-FC Barcelona
TBDTBDFC Barcelona-Royal Antwerp FC
TBDTBDRoyal Antwerp FC-FC Barcelona
TBDTBDFC Barcelona-Shakhtar Donetsk
TBDTBDShakhtar Donetsk-FC Barcelona
TBDTBDFC Porto-Royal Antwerp FC
TBDTBDRoyal Antwerp FC-FC Porto
TBDTBDFC Porto-Shakhtar Donetsk
TBDTBDShakhtar Donetsk-FC Porto
TBDTBDRoyal Antwerp FC-Shakhtar Donetsk
TBDTBDShakhtar Donetsk-Royal Antwerp FC

UEFA Dates and Time Detail

Matchday 1: 19/20 September 2023
Matchday 2: 3/4 October 2023
Matchday 3: 24/25 October 2023
Matchday 4: 7/8 November 2023
Matchday 5: 28/29 November 2023
Matchday 6: 12/13 December 2023

Round of 16: 13/14/20/21 February and 5/6/12/13 March 2024
Quarter-finals: 9/10 and 16/17 April 2024
Semi-finals: 30 April/1 May and 7/8 May 2024
Final: 1 June 2024

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