Rekodi za Yanga (Young Africans Sport Club) Kimataifa CAF

Rekodi za Yanga (Young Africans Sport Club) Kimataifa CAF, Yanga (Young Africans Sport Club) International CAF, We have prepared this article with the purpose of clearing up the controversy that appears in the various records of the famous soccer team of Young Africans with the name of Yanga SC.

Which is the reason? The main reason for this article is after many doubts have arisen to want to know the true truth of the Yanga SC team in the international championship, what are their statistics and to know what is their greatest success in the biggest championship in Africa led by the African Football Federation (CAF). Many seeing that the Yanga men’s football team has a good record in the CAF international championship compared to all other teams in Tanzania, what is the truth?

The real basis of this debate is after having a good championship season in 2022/2023 where the team managed to reach the highest stage of the Confederation Cup in Africa (CAFCC) this time with some disputes here and there for the opponents who They have reached. such stage.

But for their opponents questioning their success in the 1993 years when they reached the Final of the CAF cup known as the CAF CUP which was established in 1992 before changing to the CAFCC African Confederation Cup in 2024. The reason was the change in the system of operation of the African football federation CAF in 2023.

Rekodi za Yanga (Young Africans Sport Club) Kimataifa CAF

CAF Champions League: 15 appearances
1997 – Preliminary Round
1998 – Group stage (Top 8)
2001 – Second Round
2006 – Preliminary Round
2007 – Second Round
2009 – First Round
2010 – Preliminary Round
2012 – Preliminary Round
2014 – First Round
2016 – Second Round
2017 – First Round
2022 – First Round

African Cup of Champions Clubs: 11 appearances
1969 – Quarter-finals
1970 – Quarter-finals
1971 – withdrew in Second Round
1972 – First Round
1973 – First Round
1975 – Second Round
1982 – Second Round
1984 – First Round
1988 – First Round
1992 – First Round
1996 – Preliminary Round

Rekodi za Yanga (Young Africans Sport Club) Kimataifa CAF

Rekodi za Yanga (Young Africans Sport Club) Kimataifa CAF

CAF Cup: 2 appearances
1994 – First Round
1999 – First Round

CAF Cup Winners’ Cup: 2 appearances
1995 – Quarter-finals
2000 – First Round

CAF Confederation Cup: 6 appearances
2007 – Intermediate Round
2008 – First Round
2011 – Preliminary Round
2016 – Group stage (Top 8)
2018 – Group stage (Top 16)

The biggest success of the competition in Africa is reaching a good stage in the CAF championship where the pay is good compared to many African leagues. Tanzania is one of the most developed countries in terms of football according to the statistics of league quality in Africa provided by the statistics and history tool and ranks among the top five leagues in Africa. Therefore, it is not surprising to see quality competition for the rival teams of Kariakoo, Simba SC and Yanga SC.

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