Richard Bay vs Golden Arrows Lineups 8/08/2023 PSL

Richard Bay vs Golden Arrows Lineups 8/08/2023 PSL – Richard bay Starting Lineup against Golden Arrows, Golden Arrows Lineup vs Richard Bay today, Lineup for Richard Bay vs Golden Arrows today 2023.

Expectations are rising as football fans eagerly await the match between Richards Bay and Golden Arrows in the upcoming Premier Soccer League (PSL). All eyes will be on the King Zwelithini Stadium, which is set to be the center of this exciting clash.

With all teams hungry for points and eager to secure a place in the league table, the atmosphere is electric and exciting. When the sun sets on Tuesday, August 8, 2023 at 5:00pm South African time, the stadium will be alive with the energy of passionate fans and the determination of the players.

Spectators can expect a great display of skill, strategy and teamwork as these two formidable forces take to the field. The rich history and tradition of the PSL will be showcased, showcasing the best of South African football.

🏆 #DSTVPrem
📅 Tuesday 8 August 2023
Richard Bay 🆚 Golden Arrows FC
🏟 King Zwelithini Stadium
🕒 17h00
📺 SS PSL 202

King Zwelithini Stadium, known for its lively atmosphere and ability to host exciting matches, is ready to witness an unforgettable fight. As the clock approaches, fans from both sides will gather to support their respective teams, creating an unforgettable spectacle that will reverberate throughout the league.

Richard Bay vs Golden Arrows Lineups 8/08/2023 PSL


  • 80 Magoola (GK)
  • 2 Maphathe
  • 72 Mabua
  • 25 Mcineka
  • 99 Dube
  • 12 Mathebula
  • 21 Khlongo
  • 44 Komane
  • 14 Koapeng
  • 23 Figareido
  • 45 Ntsundwana

Sub: Mabokgwane, Mthembu, Ndlovu, Mabuya, Dlamini, Mohlammet, Mthembu, Mbuthuma, Hlongwa


  • Magoola
  • Maphathe
  • Mabua
  • Mcineka
  • Dube
  • Mathebula
  • Mhlongo
  • Komane
  • Koapeng
  • Figareido
  • Ntsundwana

Subs: Mabokgwane, T.Mthembu, Ndlovu, Mabuya, Hlongwa, Dlamini, Mohlamme, M.Mthembu, Mbuthuma

As the teams prepare to face each other on the field, the outcome of this match could have a major impact on their campaign. Who will come out on top, scoring important points and showing dominance in the PSL? Only time will tell, and August 8 promises to be a date etched in the memories of football fans across the country.

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