RSL Saudi League Fixtures 2023-2024

RSL Saudi League Fixtures 2023-2024 – The Saudi Pro League, currently known as the Roshn Saudi League for sponsorship reasons, stands as the top tier within the Saudi Arabian football league hierarchy. Since its inception in the 1976-77 season, the league has captured the attention and passion of soccer fans across the country and beyond.

With a rich history spanning decades, the league has witnessed remarkable growth and development, contributing immensely to the national football scene. The inaugural season was the beginning of a journey that would see the league transform into a competitive football hub, showcasing the talents of local and international players.

One team that has been appearing regularly in the history of the Saudi Premier League is Al-Hilal. His major league journey has been marked by 18 titles, a testament to his dominance and consistency over the years. With a storied legacy and a huge fan base, Al-Hilal has not only won many league championships, but has also become a symbol of football excellence in Saudi Arabia.

RSL Saudi League Fixtures 2023-2024

Dates & timeHomeAway
Friday 11/08/2023
FTAl Ahli1-MarAl Hazm
Saturday 12/08/2023
18:00Al TaivsDamak
21:00Al FeihavsAl Khaleej
Sunday 13/08/2023
21:00Al FatehvsAl Taawon
21:00Al RiyadhvsAl Wehda
Monday 14/08/2023
18:00AbhavsAl Hilal
18:00Al RaedvsAl Ittihad
21:00Al IttifaqvsAl Nassr
21:00Al ShababvsAl Akhdoud
Thursday 17/08/2023
18:00DamakvsAl Riyadh
21:00Al KhaleejvsAl Ahli
Friday 18/08/2023
18:00Al AkhdoudvsAl Fateh
21:00Al HazmvsAl Ittifaq
21:00Al NassrvsAl Taawon
21:00Al WehdavsAl Shabab
Saturday 19/08/2023
18:00AbhavsAl Raed
21:00Al HilalvsAl Feiha
21:00Al IttihadvsAl Tai
Thursday 24/08/2023
18:00Al TaivsAl Wehda
21:00Al RaedvsAl Hilal
21:00Al IttifaqvsAl Khaleej
21:00Al AhlivsAl Akhdoud
21:00Al RiyadhvsAl Ittihad
Friday 25/08/2023
18:00Al FeihavsAl Hazm
21:00Al ShababvsDamak
21:00Al TaawonvsAbha
21:00Al FatehvsAl Nassr
Monday 28/08/2023
18:00AbhavsAl Feiha
21:00Al RaedvsAl Riyadh
21:00Al HilalvsAl Ittifaq
21:00Al WehdavsAl Ittihad
Tuesday 29/08/2023
18:00Al AkhdoudvsAl Taawon
18:00DamakvsAl Fateh
21:00Al KhaleejvsAl Hazm
21:00Al AhlivsAl Tai
21:00Al NassrvsAl Shabab
Friday 01/09/2023
18:00Al FeihavsAl Raed
18:00Al TaivsAbha
21:00Al RiyadhvsAl Akhdoud
21:00Al IttihadvsAl Hilal
Saturday 02/09/2023
21:00Al IttifaqvsDamak
21:00Al FatehvsAl Ahli
21:00Al ShababvsAl Khaleej
21:00Al HazmvsAl Nassr
21:00Al TaawonvsAl Wehda
Friday 15/09/2023
1:00Al AkhdoudvsAl Ittihad
1:00Al RaedvsAl Nassr
1:00Al FeihavsAl Shabab
1:00Al HilalvsAl Riyadh
1:00AbhavsAl Ittifaq
1:00Al HazmvsAl Tai
1:00Al AhlivsAl Taawon
1:00Al KhaleejvsAl Fateh
1:00Al WehdavsDamak
Thursday 21/09/2023
1:00Al AkhdoudvsAl Khaleej
1:00Al TaawonvsAl Raed
1:00Al ShababvsAl Hazm
1:00Al IttihadvsAl Fateh
1:00Al IttifaqvsAl Tai
1:00Al RiyadhvsAl Feiha
1:00DamakvsAl Hilal
1:00Al WehdavsAbha
1:00Al NassrvsAl Ahli
Friday 29/09/2023
1:00Al FatehvsAl Wehda
1:00Al TaivsAl Nassr
1:00Al HazmvsAl Taawon
1:00Al FeihavsAl Ittihad
1:00Al RaedvsAl Akhdoud
1:00Al HilalvsAl Shabab
1:00AbhavsAl Riyadh
1:00Al AhlivsAl Ittifaq
1:00Al KhaleejvsDamak

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