SA Motsepe Foundation Championship Fixtures 2023/24

SA Motsepe Foundation Championship Fixtures 2023/24 Teams, Dates and News – South Africa Championship 2023-2024. National First Division (NFD), officially known as the Motsepe Foundation Championship for sponsorship reasons, is the second-highest league in South African club football, ranking below the South African Premier Division.

Both the NFD and the South African Premier Division are organized and governed by the Premier Soccer League (PSL). The NFD serves as an important platform for aspiring football clubs to showcase their talent and compete for promotion to the top-tier Premier Division.

It plays a crucial role in developing and nurturing young players and providing them with opportunities to progress in their football careers. The league operates on a system of promotion and relegation, with the top-placed teams at the end of each NFD season earning promotion to the Premier Division for the following season.

Conversely, the bottom-placed teams face relegation to the lower divisions, making the competition intense and highly competitive. The NFD attracts a significant following from football enthusiasts across South Africa.

SA Motsepe Foundation Championship Fixtures 2023/24

Date & TimeHomeAway
Friday 25/08/2023
16:00NB La MasiavsUpington City
16:00Pretoria CalliesvsBlack Leopards
20:30Maritzburg UnitedvsMilford
Saturday 26/08/2023
16:00Hungry LionsvsUniversity of Pretoria
16:00Orbit CollegevsPlatinum City Rovers
16:00Venda FCvsJDR Stars
Sunday 27/08/2023
16:00Casric StarsvsMarumo Gallants
Friday 01/09/2023
16:00JDR StarsvsNB La Masia
16:00Platinum City RoversvsBaroka
Saturday 02/09/2023
16:00Black LeopardsvsCasric Stars
16:00Marumo GallantsvsHungry Lions
16:00MilfordvsOrbit College
16:00Upington CityvsVenda FC
16:00MagesivsPretoria Callies
Sunday 03/09/2023
16:00University of PretoriavsMaritzburg United
Friday 15/09/2023
16:00Maritzburg UnitedvsCasric Stars
Saturday 16/09/2023
16:00Hungry LionsvsUpington City
16:00JDR StarsvsBaroka
16:00NB La MasiavsMagesi
16:00Platinum City RoversvsMarumo Gallants
16:00Venda FCvsPretoria Callies
Sunday 17/09/2023
16:00MilfordvsUniversity of Pretoria
16:00Orbit CollegevsBlack Leopards
Friday 22/09/2023
16:00Pretoria CalliesvsJDR Stars
Saturday 23/09/2023
16:00Casric StarsvsHungry Lions
16:00MagesivsBlack Leopards
16:00Marumo GallantsvsMilford
16:00Upington CityvsOrbit College
16:00Venda FCvsPlatinum City Rovers
Sunday 24/09/2023
16:00BarokavsMaritzburg United
16:00University of PretoriavsNB La Masia
Friday 29/09/2023
16:00NB La MasiavsVenda FC
20:30Maritzburg UnitedvsMagesi
Saturday 30/09/2023
16:00Hungry LionsvsPlatinum City Rovers
16:00JDR StarsvsMarumo Gallants
16:00Orbit CollegevsUniversity of Pretoria
16:00Pretoria CalliesvsMilford
16:00Black LeopardsvsUpington City
Sunday 01/10/2023
16:30Casric StarsvsBaroka
Tuesday 03/10/2023
16:30Hungry LionsvsOrbit College
16:30Marumo GallantsvsNB La Masia
Wednesday 04/10/2023
16:30BarokavsUpington City
16:30Black LeopardsvsJDR Stars
16:30Platinum City RoversvsCasric Stars
16:30University of PretoriavsPretoria Callies
20:30Maritzburg UnitedvsVenda FC
Friday 06/10/2023
16:30NB La MasiavsHungry Lions
16:30Orbit CollegevsMarumo Gallants
Saturday 07/10/2023
16:30Casric StarsvsMilford
16:30MagesivsJDR Stars
16:30Platinum City RoversvsMaritzburg United
16:30Upington CityvsPretoria Callies
Sunday 08/10/2023
16:30University of PretoriavsBlack Leopards
16:30Venda FCvsBaroka
Friday 20/10/2023
16:30JDR StarsvsUniversity of Pretoria
16:30MilfordvsVenda FC
Saturday 21/10/2023
16:30NB La MasiavsCasric Stars
16:30MagesivsPlatinum City Rovers
16:30Marumo GallantsvsUpington City
16:30Pretoria CalliesvsOrbit College
Sunday 22/10/2023
16:30BarokavsBlack Leopards
16:30Hungry LionsvsMaritzburg United
Friday 27/10/2023
16:30Marumo GallantsvsBaroka
20:30Maritzburg UnitedvsJDR Stars
Saturday 28/10/2023
16:30Black LeopardsvsMilford
16:30Orbit CollegevsVenda FC
16:30Platinum City RoversvsNB La Masia
16:30Upington CityvsMagesi
Sunday 29/10/2023
16:30Hungry LionsvsPretoria Callies
16:30University of PretoriavsCasric Stars
Tuesday 31/10/2023
16:30Black LeopardsvsMaritzburg United
16:30JDR StarsvsPlatinum City Rovers
16:30NB La MasiavsOrbit College
16:30MagesivsMarumo Gallants
Wednesday 01/11/2023
16:30Casric StarsvsPretoria Callies
16:30Upington CityvsUniversity of Pretoria
16:30Venda FCvsHungry Lions
Friday 03/11/2023
16:30Platinum City RoversvsBlack Leopards
20:30Maritzburg UnitedvsOrbit College
Saturday 04/11/2023
16:30BarokavsHungry Lions
16:30Casric StarsvsUpington City
16:30Marumo GallantsvsUniversity of Pretoria
16:30MilfordvsJDR Stars
16:30Venda FCvsMagesi
Sunday 05/11/2023
16:30Pretoria CalliesvsNB La Masia
Friday 10/11/2023
16:30JDR StarsvsCasric Stars
16:30NB La MasiavsMaritzburg United
Saturday 11/11/2023
16:30Black LeopardsvsVenda FC
16:30Hungry LionsvsMagesi
16:30Marumo GallantsvsPretoria Callies
16:30Orbit CollegevsBaroka
Sunday 12/11/2023
16:30University of PretoriavsPlatinum City Rovers
16:30Upington CityvsMilford
Friday 24/11/2023
16:30Orbit CollegevsJDR Stars
Saturday 25/11/2023
16:30Black LeopardsvsMarumo Gallants
16:30Hungry LionsvsMilford
16:30Platinum City RoversvsUpington City
20:30Maritzburg UnitedvsPretoria Callies
Sunday 26/11/2023
16:30BarokavsNB La Masia
16:30MagesivsCasric Stars
16:30University of PretoriavsVenda FC
Friday 01/12/2023
16:30JDR StarsvsHungry Lions
16:30NB La MasiavsBlack Leopards
16:30MagesivsUniversity of Pretoria
Saturday 02/12/2023
16:30Casric StarsvsOrbit College
16:30MilfordvsPlatinum City Rovers
16:30Venda FCvsMarumo Gallants
Sunday 03/12/2023
16:30Pretoria CalliesvsBaroka
16:30Upington CityvsMaritzburg United
Friday 08/12/2023
16:30NB La MasiavsMilford
16:30Pretoria CalliesvsPlatinum City Rovers
Saturday 09/12/2023
16:30Black LeopardsvsHungry Lions
16:30Marumo GallantsvsMaritzburg United
16:30Orbit CollegevsMagesi
16:30Upington CityvsJDR Stars
Sunday 10/12/2023
16:30BarokavsUniversity of Pretoria
16:30Casric StarsvsVenda FC
Friday 15/12/2023
16:30University of PretoriavsMarumo Gallants
20:30Maritzburg UnitedvsBlack Leopards
Saturday 16/12/2023
16:30JDR StarsvsPretoria Callies
16:30MagesivsNB La Masia
16:30Platinum City RoversvsOrbit College
16:30Venda FCvsUpington City
Sunday 17/12/2023
16:30Hungry LionsvsCasric Stars
Tuesday 19/12/2023
16:30MagesivsUpington City
16:30MilfordvsBlack Leopards
16:30Venda FCvsNB La Masia
20:30Maritzburg UnitedvsBaroka
Wednesday 20/12/2023
16:30Hungry LionsvsMarumo Gallants
16:30Platinum City RoversvsJDR Stars
16:30Pretoria CalliesvsCasric Stars
16:30University of PretoriavsOrbit College
Tuesday 13/02/2024
16:30Casric StarsvsMaritzburg United
16:30JDR StarsvsMagesi
16:30NB La MasiavsUniversity of Pretoria
16:30Orbit CollegevsMilford
16:30Upington CityvsHungry Lions
Wednesday 14/02/2024
16:30BarokavsPlatinum City Rovers
16:30Black LeopardsvsPretoria Callies
16:30Marumo GallantsvsVenda FC
Friday 16/02/2024
16:30NB La MasiavsJDR Stars
16:30University of PretoriavsUpington City
Saturday 17/02/2024
16:30BarokavsPretoria Callies
16:30Black LeopardsvsPlatinum City Rovers
16:30Hungry LionsvsVenda FC
16:30MilfordvsMaritzburg United
Sunday 18/02/2024
16:30Marumo GallantsvsMagesi
16:30Orbit CollegevsCasric Stars
Friday 01/03/2024
16:30MilfordvsHungry Lions
20:30Maritzburg UnitedvsNB La Masia
Saturday 02/03/2024
16:30Casric StarsvsBlack Leopards
16:30JDR StarsvsUpington City
16:30Pretoria CalliesvsMarumo Gallants
16:30Venda FCvsOrbit College
Sunday 03/03/2024
16:30Platinum City RoversvsUniversity of Pretoria
Saturday 09/03/2024
16:30Black LeopardsvsMagesi
16:30Casric StarsvsNB La Masia
16:30JDR StarsvsMilford
16:30Orbit CollegevsMaritzburg United
16:30Platinum City RoversvsPretoria Callies
16:30Upington CityvsMarumo Gallants
Sunday 10/03/2024
16:30BarokavsVenda FC
16:30University of PretoriavsHungry Lions
Tuesday 02/04/2024
16:00NB La MasiavsPlatinum City Rovers
16:00Marumo GallantsvsCasric Stars
16:00Pretoria CalliesvsMagesi
16:00University of PretoriavsMilford
16:00Venda FCvsBlack Leopards
Wednesday 03/04/2024
16:00BarokavsOrbit College
16:00Hungry LionsvsJDR Stars
20:30Maritzburg UnitedvsUpington City
Saturday 06/04/2024
16:00Casric StarsvsUniversity of Pretoria
16:00Hungry LionsvsNB La Masia
16:00MagesivsOrbit College
16:00Marumo GallantsvsJDR Stars
16:00MilfordvsUpington City
16:00Platinum City RoversvsVenda FC
Sunday 07/04/2024
16:00Black LeopardsvsBaroka
16:00Pretoria CalliesvsMaritzburg United
Tuesday 16/04/2024
16:00JDR StarsvsBlack Leopards
16:00NB La MasiavsBaroka
16:00MagesivsHungry Lions
16:00MilfordvsMarumo Gallants
20:30Maritzburg UnitedvsUniversity of Pretoria
Wednesday 17/04/2024
16:00Orbit CollegevsPretoria Callies
16:00Upington CityvsPlatinum City Rovers
16:00Venda FCvsCasric Stars
Friday 19/04/2024
16:00University of PretoriavsMagesi
20:30Maritzburg UnitedvsMarumo Gallants
Saturday 20/04/2024
16:00BarokavsCasric Stars
16:00JDR StarsvsVenda FC
16:00Platinum City RoversvsMilford
16:00Upington CityvsBlack Leopards
Sunday 21/04/2024
16:00Orbit CollegevsNB La Masia
16:00Pretoria CalliesvsHungry Lions
Friday 26/04/2024
16:00Black LeopardsvsOrbit College
Saturday 27/04/2024
16:00Hungry LionsvsBaroka
16:00MagesivsMaritzburg United
16:00MilfordvsNB La Masia
16:00Pretoria CalliesvsUpington City
16:00Venda FCvsUniversity of Pretoria
Sunday 28/04/2024
16:00Casric StarsvsJDR Stars
16:00Marumo GallantsvsPlatinum City Rovers
Tuesday 30/04/2024
16:00Orbit CollegevsHungry Lions
16:00Upington CityvsBaroka
16:00Venda FCvsMaritzburg United
Wednesday 01/05/2024
16:00NB La MasiavsPretoria Callies
16:00Marumo GallantsvsBlack Leopards
16:00MilfordvsCasric Stars
16:00Platinum City RoversvsMagesi
16:00University of PretoriavsJDR Stars
Sunday 05/05/2024
16:00Maritzburg UnitedvsHungry Lions
16:00Black LeopardsvsUniversity of Pretoria
16:00Casric StarsvsPlatinum City Rovers
16:00JDR StarsvsOrbit College
16:00Pretoria CalliesvsVenda FC
16:00Upington CityvsNB La Masia
16:00BarokavsMarumo Gallants
Sunday 12/05/2024
16:00BarokavsJDR Stars
16:00Casric StarsvsMagesi
16:00Hungry LionsvsBlack Leopards
16:00NB La MasiavsMarumo Gallants
16:00Maritzburg UnitedvsPlatinum City Rovers
16:00Orbit CollegevsUpington City
16:00Pretoria CalliesvsUniversity of Pretoria
16:00Venda FCvsMilford
Sunday 19/05/2024
16:00Black LeopardsvsNB La Masia
16:00JDR StarsvsMaritzburg United
16:00MagesivsVenda FC
16:00Marumo GallantsvsOrbit College
16:00MilfordvsPretoria Callies
16:00Platinum City RoversvsHungry Lions
16:00University of PretoriavsBaroka
16:00Upington CityvsCasric Stars

Matches are played in various stadiums throughout the country, providing fans with the opportunity to witness the excitement and skill of up-and-coming players. The league also serves as a talent pool for identifying promising players who may later go on to represent both domestic and international teams.

Overall, the National First Division, known as the Motsepe Foundation Championship, is a crucial part of the South African football landscape, providing a platform for clubs and players to showcase their skills, compete for promotion, and contribute to the ongoing development and success of football in the country.

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