Simba Yaingia Mkataba na Sandaland 2023

Simba Yaingia Mkataba na Sandaland 2023: Simba Sports Club, also known as Wekundu wa Msimbazi, is a professional football club located in the Kariakoo ward of the Ilala District in the Dar es Salaam Region of Tanzania.

The club was established in 1936 when it broke away from another prominent Tanzanian football team, Dar Young Africans. Initially, Simba SC was named Queens, as a tribute to Her Majesty, the Queen of England. Over the years, the club has grown in stature and has become one of the most successful and popular football clubs in Tanzania.

Simba Yaingia Mkataba na Sandaland 2023

On June 16, Simba SC club made an announcement regarding their recent improvements. They have entered into a contractual agreement with Sandaland for the provision of club jerseys. The contract spans over two years and holds a value of 4 billion. The payment will be made in two installments, with each installment being given annually.

Under this contract, Simba SC will enjoy several benefits including training jerseys, trips, and matches. The partnership with Sandaland aims to enhance the club’s overall image and provide them with quality jerseys for training sessions and competitive matches.

Simba Yaingia Mkataba na Sandaland 2023

In addition to the recent contract with a health insurance company, Simba SC is now entering into another partnership with a prominent clothing business in the country. This marks the second contract the club has signed with companies this month. The new contract involves collaborating with a well-known clothing brand, renowned for selling jerseys in the bustling streets of Kariakoo.

“Mwanzoni tulikuwa tunapata milioni 400 kwa mwaka kutokana na jezi. Akaja Vunja Bei akatupa bilioni moja kwa mwaka na huyu wa sasa anakuja kutupa bilioni mbili kwa mwaka. Namshukuru sana Sandaland kuwa mdhamini wa jezi kwa msimu wa 2023/24.”- CEO Imani Kajula.

This collaboration highlights Simba SC’s efforts to expand their network of partnerships and enhance their brand presence. The clothing business’s popularity and expertise in jersey sales further solidify the club’s commitment to providing high-quality merchandise to their fans.

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