Tanzania NBC Championship League Table 2023-24

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The global appeal of football knows no boundaries and Tanzania is no exception to the global love for the game. The heart of Tanzanian football is the Tanzanian Champions League, also known as the Second Division League. This men’s professional football league is the second tier competition in the country, with the popular Tanzania Premier League as the NBC Premier League taking the first place. It enjoys a huge support and following from football lovers across the country.

The 2022/2023 Tanzanian Champions League season is approaching amid hopes of excitement and fierce competition. Meeting in the field are teams from various regions of Tanzania, including Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Morogoro, Mwanza, Pwani and Arusha, each with the spirit of capturing first place in the league standings.

Tanzania NBC Championship League Table 2023-24

1KenGold FC128222061426
2Mbeya Kwanza FC128221911826
3TMA FC12750102826
4Pamba FC12732178924
5Mbuni FC126331991021
6Biashara United FC126331710721
7Pol si Tanzania FC136251313020
8Mbeya City FC125341313018
9Green Warriors FC124441514116
10Stand United FC12435911-215
11FGA Talents FC123361013-312
12Pan Africans FC123271016-611
13Copco FC133281320-711
14Cosmopol tan FC122551119-811
15Transit Camp FC122371017-79
16Ruvu Shooting FC120111226-241

Key points:

  • The league, which was established in 1965, has a rich history and has gained popularity and respect over the years.
  • The current season started in August 2022 and fans are immersing themselves in the exciting matches, sincerely supporting their favorite teams.

While the Tanzanian Champions League 2022/2023 continues, football fans in the country can expect to meet an exciting game, amazing skills and team spirit to win. This league not only shows Tanzania’s love for football, but also encourages talent development and contributes to the growth of the game in the country.

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