Tanzania Premier League Top Scorer Of All Time

Tanzania Premier League Top Scorer Of All Time

Tanzania Premier League Top Scorer Of All Time | Mfungaji Bora Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara Muda Wote | Mchezaji mwenye Magoli mengi Ligi kuu Tanzania Muda Wote

The Tanzania Premier League has seen some truly amazing footballers, famed for their ability to score goals. This article will focus on the legends of this league who have made history time and time again with the amount of goals they’ve scored. It’s a chance to recognize the greats of this game and learn more about them.

Tanzania Premier League: Football Power

The Tanzania Premier League is one of the most prestigious football leagues in East Africa, attracting fans from all over the continent. The league has several clubs that compete at a high level, and the passion and pace of the games is unparalleled. Every club has its star players, who are responsible for scoring match-winning goals and keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

Mfungaji Bora Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara Muda Wote

The Tanzania Mainland Premier League has seen some remarkable goal-scorers over the years, a select few who stand out in particular. These players have consistently proven themselves to be amongst the league’s premier talents, displaying an ability to find the back of the net which sees them occupy an elite roster of scorers. To celebrate their achievements, here is a list of the greatest goalscorers in TPL history:

Mrisho Ngasa currently holds the record for all-time goals scored in the Tanzania Mainland Premier League, with an impressive tally of over one hundred goals. With spells at both Young Africans SC and Simba SC behind him, it’s no surprise that he is widely recognised as one of the greatest players in league history. John Bocco is close behind with 108 goals, Other notable Tanzania premier league goal scorers of all time including Ulimboka Mwakingwe, Mussa Hassan Mgosi, and Simon Msuva.

Tanzania Premier League Top Scorer Of All Time

Tanzania Premier League Top Scorer Of All Seasons

Season Top scorers Team Toal Goals Nationality
2022-23 Fiston Mayele Yanga SC 17 Congo DR
2022-23 Saido Ntibanzokiza Simba Sc 17 Burundi
2021-22 George Mpole Geita Gold 17 Tanzania
2020–21 John Bocco Simba Sc 16 Tanzania
2019–20 Meddie Kagere Simba Sc 22 Rwanda
2018–19 Meddie Kagere Simba Sc 23 Rwanda
2017–18 Emmanuel Okwi Simba Sc 20 Uganda
2016–17 Simon Msuva Young Africans 14 Tanzania
2015–16 Amissi Tambwe Young Africans 21 Burundi
2014–15 Simon Msuva Young Africans 17 Tanzania
2013–14 Amissi Tambwe Simba Sc 19 Burundi
2012–13 Kipre Tchetche Azam Fc 17 Ivory Coast
2011–12 John Raphael Bocco Azam Fc 19 Tanzania
2010–11 Mrisho Ngasa Azam Fc 18 Tanzania
2009–10 Musa Hassan Mgosi Simba Sc 18 Tanzania
2008–09 Boniface Ambani Young Africans 18 Kenya
2007–08 Michael Katende Kagera Sugar Tanzania
6/29/1905 Mashiku SC United 17 Tanzania
6/28/1905 n/a n/a
6/27/1905 Abdallah Juma Mtibwa Sugar 25 Tanzania
6/26/1905 Abubakar Ally Mkangwa Mtibwa Sugar Tanzania
6/19/1905 Mohamed Hussein “Mmachinga” Young Africans 26 Tanzania

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