Thamani Ya Kombe La Nbc Premier league

Thamani Ya Kombe La Nbc Premier league | Bingwa wa NBC anapata kiasi gani | Zawadi ya mshindi wa ligi kuu tanzania

The NBC Premier League is one of the most well-known and lucrative football competitions in Tanzania. The league captures the attention of millions of fans on a weekly basis, providing thrilling matches and showcasing top-class talent. However, it’s important to recognize that financial issues are also an integral part of the competition. In this article, we’ll look into how match prize money is allocated in the Premier League, as well as how much winner of this competition receive form winning this competition.

The Tanzania Premier League also known as NBC Premier league due to sponsorship reason, established in 1992 with six participants, now consists of 16 professional football clubs from all over Tanzania Regions.

The league operates on a system of promotion and relegation, with the bottom three teams being demoted to the Championship, while the top three Championship teams earn promotion to the Premier League. This system ensures that the league remains highly competitive, making every season a thrilling spectacle for fans.

The Premier League earns considerable income through various revenue streams, which include broadcasting rights, sponsorships, ticket sales, and merchandise. Of these sources of income, broadcasting rights are a prominent source of revenue for the league.

Thamani Ya Kombe La Nbc Premier league

Tanzania Mainland Premier League sponsors NBC Bank and the League Board have announced attractive prizes for the successful completion of the next season. The prizes are intended to reward clubs depending on their overall league performance. There will be two types of rewards: league prizes offered by the major sponsor and extra bonuses for the advertising rights holder, Azam Tv.

Zawadi ya Mshindi Wa Ligi kuu Tanzania

The league champion will receive an impressive sum of 600 million shillings from NBC and Azam TV, which is broken down into 100 million shillings from NBC and 500 million shillings from Azam TV.

The second-place team will be awarded 300 million shillings in total: 50 million from NBC and 250 million by Azam Tv. As for the third-place team, they will secure 250 million shillings with 25 million coming from NBC and a generous 225 million from Azam Tv.

Azam Tv will provide extra money to the remaining clubs based on their league standings. Each club’s prize will be determined by their success during the season.

Zawadi ya Ligi Kuu Tanzania 2022/2023

1 CHAMPIONS 600,000,000
2 CAF – CL 300,000,000
3 CAF – CC 255,000,000
4 POSITION 4 200,000,000
5 POSITION 5 65,000,000
6 POSITION 6 60,000,000
7 POSITION 7 55,000,000
8 POSITION 8 50,000,000
9 POSITION 9 45,000,000
10 POSITION 10 40,000,000
11 POSITION 11 35,000,000
12 POSITION 12 30,000,000
13 POSITION 13 25,000,000
14 PLAY OFF 20,000,000
15 RELEGATED 10,000,000
16 RELEGATED 10,000,000

Thamani Ya Kombe La Nbc Premier league

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