Vaya (2016) Online Full Movie Watch & Download

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Vaya (2016) Online Full Movie Watch & Download: The film “Vaya” weaves together three separate but interconnected stories, each following an individual with a unique mission as they embark on a journey to Johannesburg. These strangers are looking for family members and are given simple tasks to complete.

However, their plans take a dark turn when they are betrayed by the very people they trusted for their protection, leaving them stranded in the city, isolated and helpless. “Vaya” offers an interesting and emotional narrative, which is often accompanied by humorous moments.

In the first story, a rural man is lured to Johannesburg by the promise of a job from his cousin who lives in the city. This job opportunity brings the hope of earning enough money to pay lobola, the traditional dowry, in his village, a prospect that can change his life for the better. His passion is evident, as his cousin is a respected person in his town and working for him is considered a great honor. However, the truth about the task given to him takes a dark turn, when he discovers that he is expected to commit an act of violence against his cousin’s rival.

The second story follows a young man sent to Johannesburg to retrieve the body of his late father. To his surprise, he discovers that his father’s body has already been claimed by an unknown “city family” that refuses to release him. This unexpected situation puts the young man in a dilemma as he must find a way to return his father’s corpse to his village home, or risk tarnishing the family’s reputation forever.

Vaya (2016) Online Full Movie Watch & Download

Vaya (2016) Online Full Movie Watch & Download

In the third story, a young woman takes her aunt’s daughter to Johannesburg to reunite her with her mother for the first time. However, she has her own secret agenda: to leave the boy behind and follow her dreams and aspirations in the city. When she lives in Johannesburg, she quickly realizes that her aunt is not who she thought she was. His aunt lives with a sly gangster and runs a shop, a type of unlicensed tavern. He can’t even take care of his own son. Now, the young woman is faced with a difficult decision: follow her own dreams or protect the boy and risk putting everything in danger.

Initial release: September 9, 2016
Director: Akin Omotoso
Screenplay: Robbie Thorpe, Craig Freimond, Harriet Perlman, MORE
Producers: Akin Omotoso, Robbie Thorpe, Ronnie Apteker, Harriet Perlman, Jan Du Plessis, Rethabile Mothobi
Awards: Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Director,

“Wow” explores themes of family, survival and the complex decisions individuals must make when faced with difficult circumstances, painting a picture of life in the bustling city of Johannesburg.

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