Vifurushi vya Startimes na Bei zake 2023

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Vifurushi vya Startimes na Bei zake 2023: Startimes Packages and Prices, StarTimes is a well-known Chinese electronics and media company that operates in sub-Saharan Africa, including Tanzania. It is a major player in the region, providing digital terrestrial and satellite television services. StarTimes offers its expertise and technologies to help countries and broadcasters transition to digital television.

In Tanzania, StarTimes provides a range of packages and services to cater to different viewers’ preferences and budgets. These packages offer access to a variety of local and international channels, including entertainment, sports, news, movies, and more. By offering both digital terrestrial and satellite TV services, StarTimes ensures that viewers in different areas can enjoy their programming.

StarTimes is known for its affordable pricing and diverse content options, making it a popular choice for many households in Tanzania. The company also focuses on providing quality customer service and has a widespread network of dealers and support centers across the country.

If you are considering StarTimes as your TV service provider in Tanzania, it is recommended to visit their official website or contact their customer service to get detailed information about their available packages, pricing, and additional features. This will help you determine which package suits your viewing preferences and requirements.

Vifurushi vya Startimes na Bei zake 2023

Bouquet type: Uhuru Bouquet

The Uhuru bouquet is loaded with over 30 channels, and it doesn’t cost more than 20,000 Tsh monthly. The channels available on the Uhuru Bouquet include the following:

  1. ST  Adepa
  2. JimJam
  3. Baby Tv
  4. Fox
  5. Fine Living
  6. Espn
  7. Discovery Family
  8. Fashion One
  9. St Soul
  10. ESPN
  11. ESPN 2
  12. ST world football
  13. Colors
  14. E!
  15. Sanyuka tv

Vifurushi vya Startimes na Bei zake 2023

Nyota Bouquet

With no more than 10,000, subscribers of StarTimes can have access to 15 Tv channels. The available channels on the Nyota bouquet include the following:

  1. Wasafi Tv
  2. St Sports Focus
  3. E-stars
  4. St zone
  5. TBN
  6. CNC World
  7. Iqraa
  8. St Kungfu
  9. CGTN
  10. St Sino Drama
  11. ST Guide
  12. St Real-Time
  13. Tv Imaan
  14. Barmedas Tv
  15. St Swahili

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