Wachezaji Wanaotemwa na Wanaosajiliwa Yanga 2023

Wachezaji Wanaotemwa na Wanaosajiliwa Yanga 2023: Yanga 2023 Players Targeted and Signed: After having a very good championship season in 2022/23, the Yanga SC team has set their goals for the upcoming season with the players that will be released and signed in the big window of registration of summer. This has become the custom for many Tanzanian teams to drop many players and register many players in one window as well.

This strategy has made team CEO and president Eris Saidi point out that they will be a little different in prayer if they want to do a massage that will increase the team’s effectiveness and not completely change the roster as it was. done in previous years.

The player removal process is a system used by many teams that have high ambitions and want players to achieve those hopes. This is the case of Club Yanga SC after having a good season, it knows that it has to be better to do better each season of the competition, focusing more on the CAF international championship.

Reason for the team reshuffle in season 2023/24

Management has noticed that some players’ abilities have dropped significantly and others seem to have the ability to serve the team very effectively. In another image, the club has identified improving some player contracts it needs in its squad and considering the interests of both parties if it does business with another team.

Also in this continuation, the club has identified several requests for players to leave the club and look for another team, but for the moment management say they are in discussions with the players and see how they can improve their interests, including increasing their salaries. and various bonuses.

The management has also removed the controversy in some of the doubts that have arisen in the registration of the large window and has said that they have not received any offer from the team in the registration window and those that are being discussed are only rumors that exist.

Every time the season ends or after the registration window opens, but for now he has asked the fans and supporters of the Yanga SC team to be calm and ignore the information that has come from the club regarding registration issues.

Wachezaji Wanaotemwa na Wanaosajiliwa Yanga 2023

The players are selected by the Yanga SC team for the 2023 season.

  • Dikson Ambundo
  • Chripian Ngushi
  • denis nkane
  • mamadou dumbia
  • mauya gift
  • Abdullah Shaibu ‘Ninja’

Players who are looted by other teams.

  • Fiston Mayele
  • Fei toto
  • Bernard morrison
  • Yannick bangala
  • Dickson’s Job

Wachezaji Wanaotemwa na Wanaosajiliwa Yanga 2023

The players asked to terminate their contract in the 2023 season

  • Fei toto
  • Shabai Djuma
  • Jesus moloko

In the registration rumours, the ones Yanga SC counts to include in the squad are among the players they have seen in the CAF championship of the federation cup, including the teams of TP Mazembe and Marumo Gallant, where it seems easier after the Marumo. The South African team was relegated this season, so there is a great chance of getting the signatures of those stars who need them.

The Yanga SC leadership has made its position clear to improve the contracts of its players who will continue with them for the 2023/24 season. Including his defender Ibrahmu Baka, Fei toto, Fiston Mayele, Dikson Job and many others who are ready like the Kibwana Shomari and Diarra.

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