Wafungaji Bora ASFC 2022-23 Azam Federation Cup

Wafungaji Bora ASFC 2022-23 Azam Federation Cup: In this season’s ASFC TFF championship, the race for the top scorer title has intensified, especially for the young attacker from Yanga SC. With a total of six goals, he is on the verge of surpassing the current leading scorer, who is an Ihefu player with seven goals.

The Yanga SC player’s chances of claiming the top scorer award have significantly increased after his team reached the final of the 2022-23 season. If he gets an opportunity to play in the final match and manages to score at least one goal, he will likely secure the best scoring shoe.

The expectations are high for this young talent, and if he can deliver a goal in the final, it will potentially propel him to the top of the scoring charts and secure the coveted top scorer accolade in the ASFC TFF championship for this season.

Wafungaji Bora ASFC 2022-23 Azam Federation Cup

# Player Team Goal
1 Andrea Simchimba Ihefu FC 7
2 Clement Mzize  Yanga SC 6
3 Mosses Phiri Simba SC 4
4 Sadala Lipangile KMC FC 4
5 Richardson Ngodya Mbeya City 4
6 Jean Baleke Simba SC 3
7 Mgunda Prisons TZ Prisons 3
8 Salumu Bosco Magereza FC 3
9 Lucas Daudi Buhaya FC 3
10 Jacob Peter Polisi Katavi 3

One of the most prominent players in the current tournament, who has been performing exceptionally well, is Abdul Suleima, popularly known as ‘Sopu’. He currently holds the title of top scorer since he claimed it last season when Coastal Union faced Yanga SC.

What adds significance to this player’s story is his presence in the finals of the ASFC 2022/23 season, this time representing Azam FC. This raises several intriguing questions about whether he will continue his dominance against Yanga SC, a team he has already scored three goals against in the league this season.

Wafungaji Bora ASFC 2022-23 Azam Federation Cup

Abdul Suleima, or ‘Sopu’, has established himself as a player to watch due to his exceptional performances and goal-scoring abilities. His previous success as a top scorer and his impressive record against Yanga SC this season make him a key figure in the upcoming final. Fans and pundits will be eagerly anticipating his performance and whether he can maintain his dominance against Yanga SC once again in the final match.

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