Where to Watch Orlando Pirates vs Las Palmas LIVE 19 July 2023

Where to Watch Orlando Pirates vs Las Palmas LIVE 19 July 2023 Stream Channel TV – Las Palmas vs Orlando Pirates Match Detail and View. As Orlando Pirates prepare for their final outing in their pre-season camp, expectations are high for their upcoming friendly against Spanish side UD Las Palmas on Wednesday morning.

Coming off of their impressive 3-1 win over Independiente del Valle of Ecuador last Saturday, the Soweto Giants are looking to extend their winning streak to another win. A successful result would make it three wins from as many games on their tour, no doubt providing a confidence boost for José Riveiro’s men as they rapidly approach the 2023/24 campaign.

Pirates have put a lot of effort into their pre-season preparations, aiming to improve their skills, develop team cohesion and strengthen their tactics. The win against Independiente del Valle showed his determination and ability to execute his game plan effectively. Now, with the match against UD Las Palmas on the horizon, the Piratas are eager to build on the momentum they have gained.

Facing a Spanish team adds an extra level of excitement and challenge to a friendly match. Known for their technical play, UD Las Palmas will certainly test the defensive formations and creativity of the Piratas midfield. This match serves as an opportunity for the Soweto Chiefs to test their performance against international competition and further assess their readiness for the upcoming season.

Where to Watch Orlando Pirates vs Las Palmas LIVE 19 July 2023

José Riveiro, head coach of Orlando Pirates, has been working hard to instill his philosophy and strategies into the team. Under his leadership, the players have shown remarkable progress, both individually and collectively. Riveiro’s emphasis on disciplined defence, quick transitions and fluid attacking play has paid off so far. A new victory in a friendly match against UD Las Palmas would strengthen the players’ confidence in the system and give them the necessary confidence to face the challenges they face.

Where to Watch Orlando Pirates vs Las Palmas LIVE 19 July 2023


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Beyond the pursuit of victory, a friendly match also serves as an opportunity for players to improve their individual skills, establish their roles within the team, and demonstrate their abilities. It is an opportunity for the coaches to assess the depth of the team, identify areas of improvement and make necessary adjustments before the start of the official season.

Orlando Pirates fans are eagerly awaiting the results of this last pre-season game. They hope that their team will continue to play and show the ability to compete at a high level. With the 2023/24 campaign just around the corner, a strong performance and positive result against UD Las Palmas will no doubt generate excitement and lay the foundations for an exciting season ahead.

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