Yanga ni Mwendo wa Ushindi: Yainfunga Namungo 1-0

Yanga ni Mwendo wa Ushindi: Yainfunga Namungo 1-0: One of the strongest teams in the league this season is Yanga which has played three NBC league games and managed to win all of them and remain at the top of the NBC 2023-24 league standings.

Before today’s game against Namungo, Yanga had won in the last two League games with a large number of victories, where each team scored five goals until the 90 minutes ended.

Today’s victory against Namungo is their fourth victory in a row this season, one of the four being the African Confederation Cup against Al Merreikh.

The Namungo game is decades of the most difficult games among the four games, where they waited until the 88th minute to get a goal through Mudathiru Yahya who came from the bench, and started this victory which ended in a draw.

Yanga ni Mwendo wa Ushindi: Yainfunga Namungo 1-0

After having a good time in other games and scoring a large number of goals, Yanga today have struggled to open Namungo’s ranks. The questions now for the fans have been many as the performance of the team is beginning to be suspect remembering what also happened against Al Merreikh.

Despite these doubts, they also have confidence in their team, considering that they are the only team in the NBC League that has not conceded any goal in their games, so they have a good line-up that is made up of native Tanzanian players.

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