Yanga SC 3 – 2 Azam FC: Lineups, H2H, Live scorer and Results

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Today, on October 23, football enthusiasts are in for a thrilling match at the Benjamini Mkapa Stadium in Dar es Salaam. At 6:30 p.m., Yanga SC and Azam will face off in a highly anticipated showdown. This fixture is more than just a regular football match; it’s a Dar es Salaam derby, pitting two teams with strong reputations in Tanzanian club football against each other.

The excitement surrounding this game is palpable, as fans eagerly await to see how these teams have prepared for the season. Both Yanga SC and Azam have been in fine form, as evidenced by their performances in their last five NBC league games.

Yanga SC currently sits in 3rd place with 12 points, having won four games and suffered one defeat. On the other hand, Azam FC occupies 2nd place, with four wins and one draw, amassing 13 points. The stakes are high in this encounter, as both teams aim to secure a victory and climb to the top of the NBC league table.

Yanga SC 3 – 2 Azam FC: Lineups, H2H, Live scorer and Results

The outcome of this battle is uncertain, as both teams are in good form and possess talented players. It promises to be a fiercely competitive match, filled with moments of skill, determination, and drama. Football fans will be on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the final whistle to determine which of these two powerhouses will emerge victorious in this exciting clash.

Yanga SC vs Azam FC: Lineups, H2H, Live scorer and Results


YANGA: Diara, Nondo, Bacca, Job, Lomalisa, Mudathir, Aucho, Aziz Ki, Mzize, Pacoume, Mzingeli

AZAM: Idrissu, Lusajo, Amoah, Sidibe, Ndoye, Bajana, Akaminko, Sopu, Fei toto, Dube,Sillah

H2H Results

The historic rivalry between Yanga SC and Azam FC adds an extra layer of intrigue to their upcoming encounter. These two giants of Tanzanian football have a history of great opposition in their face-to-face fights. In their previous matches in the first division, Yanga SC came out on top 10 times, while Azam FC won 9 times. In addition, they scored 8 times. The history of this match shows how close these teams have been over the years, with a total of 27 matches.

25/12/22 LKB Azam 2 – 3 Young Africans
06/09/22 LKB Young Africans 2 – 2 Azam
06/04/22 LKB Azam 1 – 2 Young Africans
30/10/21 LKB Young Africans 2 – 0 Azam
25/04/21 LKB Young Africans 0 – 1 Azam
25/11/20 LKB Azam 0 – 1 Young Africans

Considering the close nature of their previous matches, it is clear that the upcoming match could be another exciting and close battle on the pitch. Football fans can expect a highly competitive battle as Yanga SC and Azam FC compete for supremacy in this historic and ongoing tournament.

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