Zawadi za CAF Super League Africa 2023 Prize Money

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Zawadi za CAF Super League Africa 2023 Prize Money Money distribution: The African Premier League will be an annual continental club football competition run by CAF from August 2023. It was announced by Gianni Infantino, FIFA President on November 28, 2019.

It was launched on August 10, 2022 in Tanzania and will include twenty. -four elite African clubs with a promotion/relegation system. The essence of organizing this championship is a great financial benefit, expected to exceed 100 million dollars, which will be used to develop and improve stadiums, infrastructure and promote African football.

CAF wants to start the competition in August 2023 and reports indicate that 24 clubs will be arranged in three groups of eight teams, before the knockout stage begins in the round of 16.

Zawadi za CAF Super League Africa 2023 Prize Money

The winners of the inaugural African Football League will receive a prize money of $4 Million.
The runner-up will get $2.8 Million.
The two semi-finalists will each get $1.7 Million.
The quarter-finalists will each win $900 000.

Money distribution

The African Premier League is expected to have a total prize money of 100 million dollars. The winner of the competition will receive 11.5 million dollars, while each participating club will initially receive 2.5 million dollars. This significant financial investment aims to support the development of football in Africa.

Part of the funding allocated to the African Premier League will be used to distribute 1 million dollars per year to each of the 54 member countries of CAF. This amounts to a total investment of 54 million dollars per year, which will contribute to the growth of football across the continent.

Zawadi za CAF Super League Africa 2023 Prize Money

Additionally, CAF will receive an annual sum of 50 million dollars to further enhance various aspects of the sport. This funding will be utilized to develop boys and girls soccer, hire top-class personnel, and improve the appeal and attractiveness of all other CAF competitions. The goal is to engage and captivate football fans, spectators, sponsors, and other partners.

The African Premier League also aims to support the expansion of club football, facilitate the construction and maintenance of football infrastructure and facilities, and promote the training and retention of football talent within Africa.

Here are some key facts about the Africa Super League:

  • The tournament will feature a total of 24 clubs.
  • The clubs will be divided into three regions: North, Central/West, and Southern/East.
  • Each region will have eight clubs participating.
  • A maximum of three clubs from each country can compete in the league.
  • Over 16 different countries will be represented in the tournament.
  • The participating clubs will represent approximately 1 billion people across the continent.
  • The duration of the Africa Super League will span 10 months, from August to May.
  • A total of 197 matches will be played throughout the tournament.
  • The finalists can play a maximum of 21 matches.
  • The league will include a relegation/promotion playoff system, allowing teams to move between divisions based on their performance.

Zawadi za CAF Super League Africa 2023 Prize Money

These facts provide an overview of the structure and scale of the Africa Super League, highlighting its regional distribution, duration, and the number of matches involved.

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